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Do I have to be there when the drop-off or pick-up is made?
No. There is no need to be home to use the service. Your driver will service your pre-designated location.

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Home & Office Pick-Up & Delivery:

Whether you dry clean weekly, monthly or just once in a while, you can enjoy the convenience of Kleenerz home & office delivery. We regularly stop by twice a week (Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday). If you have garments to be cleaned, we’ll pick up your bag and return your clothes to you professionally cleaned and ready to wear just three business days later.

If you have special instructions, no problem! Just fill out a Special Instruction Form and leave it with your Kleenerz bag.

Our pricing is hassle-free, too, with NO additional fee. Prices for frequently cleaned garments are posted on our web site. As for billing, we will send you a statement at the end of each month, and you can pay with check or credit card. It's really that simple.

Trying Kleenerz delivery service is simple. Sign up online for route service, or call a Customer Care Representative over the phone today at 328-7000.


Does Kleenerz charge a delivery or membership fee?
No. You pay our listed prices. There are no additional fees.

Do you use Perc in your cleaning?
No. Kleenerz uses an environmentally friendlier cleaning process that leaves your clothes without that "dry cleaning" smell.

Where do you pick up and drop off my clothes?
You choose the location you'd like our courteous drivers to service. It's best if you choose a weather-sheltered location.

What type of bag do I use to put my clothes in for pick-up?
At no charge we'll provide sturdy Kleenerz laundry bags. If you do not have a Kleenerz bag, just leave your dry cleaning in a plastic bag in your usual drop-off location. Please be sure to mark "Dry Cleaning for Kleenerz" on the bag in large letters. Your driver will pick it up and leave a Kleenerz bag for your next order.

Do I have to be present when my order is picked up or delivered?
No. Orders will be picked up and delivered to the area designated by the customer. Area must be accessible from 8:00am to 6:00pm.

How do I pay for my cleaning?
Each month we will send you a statement which you can pay by check or credit card. Route drivers do not accept payment of any type.

How will I know my scheduled drop-off and pick-up days?
Upon sign up, you will be assigned Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday delivery and pickup days, depending on which area you live in.

What if I have special instructions for a specific garment?
Simply safety pin a note to the specific garment(s) with your special instructions or message.

Apartment Service

Kleenerz currently services numerous local businesses, hotels, and multi-family living complexes with twice-a-week pick-up and delivery service.

Dry cleaning service has become a popular employee benefit by offering time-saving convenience to employees. Employees simply place their dry cleaning into our free Kleenerz bags and leave them in the designated drop-off/pick-up location by the designated time. Twice a week, we'll pick up orders and deliver them back professionally cleaned, perfectly hung or folded, and ready to wear. Signing up is easy and our service is non-intrusive; there is no need to disturb individual employees who leave clothing for cleaning.

Benefits of using Kleenerz include:

  • Pick-up and delivery to your home or office
  • Competitive unisex pricing
  • Automatic credit or debit card billing
  • Outstanding Customer Care to address questions, issues and concerns
  • Perc-free, environmentally friendlier cleaning - leaves clothes without that "dry cleaning" smell
  • Online coupons and promotions

Kleenerz also delivers dry cleaning to multi-resident condominium and apartment buildings that are serviced by a concierge or doorman, or that have a secure centralized storage area.

Dry cleaning delivery is a valued offering to residents, providing time-saving convenience and easy accessibility. Dry cleaning prices are competitive and there is no charge for Kleenerz high quality service. Signing up is easy, and residents can directly contact Kleenerz' Customer Care Center if they have questions or concerns.

Interested in apartment delivery? Sign up online for route service, or call a Customer Care Representative over the phone today at 328-7000.


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